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Dr. Paul



Scientific Facts in the Holy Bible


This is a Christian guide to answering some alleged discrepancies between the BIBLE and Science. Biblical answers are provided to some frequently-asked scientific questions to include:


  • What is the age of the earth?

  • What is the origin of man?

  • Was there a pre-Adamic race?

  • Where did Cain get his wife?

  • Is there an evolution and creation link?

  • Was the Cosmic Big Bang an act of God?

  • Did our universe have a beginning?

  • How was the Grand Canyon formed?

  • Did dinosaurs co-exist with humans?

  • Did cavemen exist?


ISBN: 978-1-59684-854-1

Derek Press, Cleveland, TN



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About the Author

DR. PAUL RUFFIN is a Pastor, Professor, Physicist and the list goes on.  He is currently a Senior Research Professor in the Physics Department at Alabama A&M University.  He served as a Senior Research Scientist at the US Army Aviation and Missile Research, Development and Engineering Center for more than 32 years.


He is the Assistant Dean of the O. L. Meadows School of Ministry, Huntsville Campus (previously, C. H. Mason System of Bible Colleges), the Director of Biblical Science in the International Church of God in Christ Sunday School Department, and has hosted the Biblical Truths for Abundant Life Radio Broadcast for more than 12 years.


He served as Director of the Dr. Paul B. Ruffin Math Tutoring Academy, a science and math tutoring support activity initiated to assist K-9 students that reside in public housing in the Huntsville, AL area from 2004-06.  In 2012, he was presented the Pastoral Humanitarian Award by Alabama People’s Choice for his untiring deeds in public service.


He has ten patents, one textbook (co-editor), seven book chapter publications, and numerous peer-reviewed journal articles.  He is a Fellow of the International Society for Optics and Photonics (SPIE).  He has received numerous prestigious awards, including the Presidential Meritorious Rank Award, granted to him by President Barak Obama, as well as two Civilian Service Medals for sustained meritorious service: the Department of the Army Decoration for Exceptional Civilian Service Medal and the Department of the Army Commander's Medal for Civilian Service.  For the past decade he has served as Senior Pastor of the Forge Temple Church of God in Christ in Birmingham, Alabama.


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